Audiotext Services are special telephone services, offering more than normal networks. The caller does not need additional tools to make use of the audiotex service, though a push-button telephone makes it easier to handle. Spoken or faxed messages are being interim-saved and kept on call for further changes and for people to recall the message. The notion "voice box system" refers to the characteristic of this new system, which is eagerly used in France and the U.S.

PUBLIC VOICE Lab is full-service audiotex software provider. The services cover entertainment, information, discussion forums, audio workspaces, private telephone and fax-on-demand services. Fields of application are local political participation support, event announcement, art forums, information on telework, personal voice and fax messaging, virtual secretary services, automated attendant and customised telephone services.

Our Audiotex software has been developed in a research project by the Austrian Academy of Sciences which tried to assess whether telephone based online services can be used for supporting local political participation.

PUBLIC VOICE Labor services a telephone network for the community of Vienna, called "Wien am Telefon" (phone no. +43 1 589 30). Other Audiotex Services are provided for IBM, the City of Vienna, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF or the Austrian Green Party.

Please dial in, listen and interact! 

  • Grätzltelefon für den 22.Bezirk / +43 1 58930 22
  • BEATBOX-Phone / +43 1 58930 44
  • wien@telefon / +43 1 58930
  • FaxArt Event / +43 1 58930 88
  • Familie Auer, ORF-Kunstradio / (national value added service)
Within Web4Groups, an EU-funded project for the development of interactive groupware, PUBLIC VOICE Lab offered its Audiotex system to develop access to Web4Groups pages using a plain telephone or fax machine.


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