listed in alphabetical order
we have people working in Vienna, Salzburg and Hamburg
our working languages in the office are English and German

Roland Alton-Scheidl (, phone +43 1 585 22 80 22) is founder and CEO of PUBLIC VOICE Lab. He has designed and developed Audiotex Services or the Web4Groups platform which was spinned-out together with kapsch. Roland has published articles e.g. about Technology Assesmment and was in the initial editorial board of the Internet Guide Österreich Online. He had studied informatics and media art, has been a visiting fellow at various national and international research labs and presented projects at media art festivals such as Ars Electronica or Interface. Recently, he succeeded in financing the projects StreamOnTheFly and PublicVoiceXML with more than 1,3 million Euro.
Thomas Barth (, phone +43 1 585 22 80, Hamburg: +49 40 6900839) is PUBLIC VOICE Lab's writer. Whenever we have to submit proposals or reports, he is the one who makes the words flying.
Thomas Fundneider (, phone +43 1 585 22 80 26) is PUBLIC VOICE Lab's business development manager. He is the one to be contacted (besides Roland) if you are interested in establishing business with PVL or developing fancy community tools. The last three years he was responisble for the management and controlling of projects in the field of urban planning based on ICT. Beside that, he has been invited at various international conferences and symposions speaking about the interrelations of e-planning and cultural heritage. Thomas has studied landscape planning with special focus on environmental and resource economics at Vienna. From 1996 to 1998, he worked and studied in Pretoria, South-Africa.
Thomas Hassan (, phone +43 1 585 22 80 13) is PUBLIC VOICE Lab's technical manager. His core reponsibility is getting all the technical personnel in the various PVL projects to work smoothly together, as well as doing conceptual design and development. He works with a wide variety of languages and operating systems, trying to use the right tool for each job.
Jaromil aka Denis Rojo (, phone +43 1 585 22 80 23) is PUBLIC VOICE Lab's software analyst developer. His experience focuses on network streaming, digital signal processing, data compression and encryption, multimedia core development technologies: he is fluent in assembler, POSIX C/C++, object oriented analysis and programming, being the creator and mantainer of some popular GNU/Linux Free Softwares at Jaromil likes problems, as well to find optimized solutions to them.
Mathias Kimpl ( is currently a student at the Polytechnical University of Hagenberg, department Mediatechnology and Design. He is joining PUBLIC VOICE Lab for an Internship to work on the Project PublicVoiceXML. Mathias is interested in exploring new methods of Human Computer Interaction. He learned to "speak" Java, C, C++, JSP and ASP, but thinks of computer languages and technology as an instrument to build User-centered Applications.
Alexei Kulikov is highly motivated concerning computers and computer-related technologies, graduated from the University of Warwick with a Computer and Business Studies degree. Has been around in the PHP world since 1997, founded more than 15 on-line communities, administers over 30 web projects and has been the core developer of the well known ITA Forum and the InSight E-Commerce Server. Alex has very deep knowledge of various DBMS and over half a dozen programming languages.
René Pfeiffer ( is PUBLIC VOICE Lab's systems administrator specialised on mail servers, computer security issues and network deployment (especially providing network support for events and exhibitions). RenÈ has more than 15 years experience with a variety of computer system architectures. He is expert in C/C++, Perl and PHP3 and is a Linux guru.
David Röthler (, phone +43 1 585 22 80 26, Salzburg: +43 662 650986) is project manager for building a mobile Internet platform for senior citizens and researcher on audio segmentation for community radio stations and private radio stations. He is also responsible for marketing the [forum:digital] service package.
Natasa Stajkovic (, phone +43 1 585 22 80 19) is responsible for all office related activities, administration and accountancy such as cost statements, tax reports, invoicing, social security handling, insurance matters.
Rolf Thiele ( , phone +43 1585 2280, D-Stadthagen +49 5721-924979) is our Sales Mgr./Germany. He is banker by profession. He is experienced in sales and project management for computer distributors and computer industry (Digital Equipment). Since 1995 Rolf is working as a consultant. He is focussed on redesigning business prozesses onto eCommerce workflows. He is responsible for developing our sales actvities in the German region.
Ali Ülkü (, phone +43 1 585 22 80 24) is PUBLIC VOICE Lab's network manager, responsible for customer support and server installations. Ali is expert in Linux applications. Ali has graduated from HTBLA/Vienna in communication engineering.

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