Web4Groups is PUBLIC VOICE Lab's EU-funded software and service package that started as an international research & development project in 1995. The development was performed in co-operation with our partners Kapsch AG and Omega. PUBLIC VOICE Lab offered its Audiotex system to develop access to Web4Groups pages using a plain telephone or fax machine.

The results of this research project, which lastet until mid 1998, were manifold:

The Web4Groups project continued on three levels:

  • as a spin-off which was launched by Kapsch AG, Omega Generation and PUBLIC VOICE Lab. Meanwhile, the company ;-) web for us has been founded to roll out ;-)webforgroups™ 2.1 commercially.
  • as the unified messaging service platform net.board, developed by PUBLIC VOICE Lab
  • as the groupware service KOM2000 developed by DSV (

For all three platforms, which are based on the results of the Web4Groups project, PUBLIC VOICE Lab offers customised solutions, add-ons and support.

If you would like further information regarding Web4Groups or net.board, please contact Roland Alton-Scheidl (Tel. +43 1 585 22 80 22).


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