EU project partner for TRIMEDIA

An advanced electronic commerce environment for Bi/trimedial programming, delivery, interaction, co-operation and commercial transaction in the broadcasting sector (radio, TV, online)

PUBLIC VOICE Lab is technology provider for the running EC-funded ESPRIT project TRIMEDIA (DG III). Its contribution is to develop software tools and online services for organising existing factual content of broadcasting partners in Germany and Ireland. This is achieved by adapting the results of the Web4Groups project to develop a Business Electronic Commerce (BEC) environment and by providing for its representative implementation.

Electronic commerce in TRIMEDIA focuses on fostering on-line customer care and relations through on-line subscriber management, on-line merchandising, on-line product placement, and on-line selling. This means combining on-line discussion fora and direct participation in programming with promotional activities in television and radio and allowing for direct interaction between content suppliers and individual audience members.

In TRIMEDIA, PUBLIC VOICE Lab will achieve:

  • improved communication processes with the audience
  • increased audience involvement with the station on a regular basis
  • changed processes of programming and content production by directly involving parts of the audience as opposed to only a few who call in by telephone
  • extended activities to initiate and/or moderate on-line communities
  • additional means for promotion, marketing and sales activities

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