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PUBLIC VOICE Lab's fields of expertise
  • Streaming Media
  • VoiceXML
  • e-Democracy
  • multi modal services
  • Micropayments
  • Media Archiving Middleware
  • Open Source Software and Business Development
  • Technology Assessment
  • Use Case Analysis
  • Business Start-up 

... and we can build a nice dissemination track to your project
  • We create a virtual radio station for your project, with interviews and adaptable sound.
  • We have done so for the FP5 EUTIST-AMI cluster and for the Copenhagen IST event together with our partner TEAM TEICHENBERG. Test it here!
  • Built with StreamOnTheFly and [dyne:bolic] technology.

Experience with EC research projects

FP6 people

PUBLIC VOICE Lab ( is a private research and development company located in Vienna, Austria, providing consulting, services and methodologies for e-Democracy and e-Inclusion since 1994 with an interdisciplinary team of twelve scientists and experts. PUBLIC VOICE Lab is a partner of the "Electronic Democracy European Network" and is marketing the e-Democracy package [forum:digital] and the e-Inclusion package "Senior Online". With excellent management, presentation, development and business skills we control international projects and spin-out results in commercially viable environments. We have recently extended our open source software development activities to the area of streaming media, archiving solutions for radio stations and telephony based applications by implementing a reference VoiceXML browser for the W3C, with support of a software development team in India. PUBLIC VOICE Lab is offering its own Linux distribution based on [dyne:bolic] technology, which is very capable for educational and demonstration purposes. We have built organisational networks such as a Community Media Cluster for the Vienna region, we are maintaining close relationships to several Universities of Applied Sciences and to related research organisations.


PUBLIC VOICE Lab is your comitted partner with expertise in media, middleware and archiving technologies.


Contact for Research and Business Development: Thomas Fundneider,, +43 1 5852280

Talk to us, take the partner description above and download the A2 form to include PUBLIC VOICE Lab in your FP6 proposal.

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